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Posted on December 31st, 2019 - Posted in Big Data | HSE | Management | Oil and Gas | Project Management | Reporting | Safety | Service Quality | Software Update

A Look Back at 2019 with Wellsite Report

2019 is coming to an end – time to look back on all the incredible changes from the past year! As we think of our new and renewing customers, we wanted to show you just how much Wellsite Report grew and matured this year. Take a look at some of the major updates that were released to our customers over the last year!


Release Version –

Incident History Tracking

The first Wellsite Report update of 2019 included many changes that included improved performance and user interface options. But our biggest addition for the month, Incident History Tracking, gave managers more incident oversight. Whenever a user edits an existing incident, the History tab stores the previous values as well as a record of who updated the incident and when the update took place.


Release Version – 2.6.2

SMS Text Messages

SMS creation page

Customers use email alerts like crazy, but sometimes that’s not enough. We decided to add another communication option to WSR: text messages! Knowing that texts are the most read types of communication, customers can now send crucial information to their employees. If your message can’t wait in an inbox, use WSR to send text messages to any user who has a mobile number in their WSR account.


Release Version – 2.6.3

Custom Analytics

We’ve collected thousands and thousands (and thousands) of your data points. In May, we took that data to the next step and introduced Custom Analytics. It’s time to truly understand your business. With filters, graphs, and maps available for your data, everything is tailored for your needs and gives your company the boost it deserves. These interactive graphs allow you to dive deep into your data and give you the information that matters most. Custom Analytics in Wellsite Report brings a whole new meaning to “Better Reporting, Greater Results.”

Custom analytics on the application


Release Version – 2.6.4

General Tasks, Custom Analytics Improvements, and More

July was a big month! We added General Tasks, allowing you to create tasks for your employees outside the confines of an incident. We also increased the power of Custom Analytics, adding project updates, equipments, custom forms, and more to your dashboards. Plus, we added a new ability to Custom Forms and Equipment: each now includes an “Add User Alert” field – This allows the form to send an email to an individual when it’s updated at the time of its completion. Unlike Email Alerts, this can be different each time a form is filled out. Just when we think Custom Forms and Equipment are as powerful as possible, we come up with something new.

General Tasks are also available on mobile!



Last year we asked “…do you think we can hit 50,000 in 2019?”.

Thanks to your continued support for this feature we not only met that prediction, we surpassed it! As of the writing of this post we have more than 70,000 submissions!

Wellsite Report in 2020 and beyond

The beginning of 2020 is shaping up to have one of the largest feature improvements that Wellsite Report has seen since the introduction of Custom Forms. We have been working hard behind the scenes to expand on this feature, as it is one of the most used managed features available within Wellsite Report.

Release Notes

Posted on October 7th, 2020
Posted in Management | Project Management | Software Update

Release Notes – 2.6.8

Newest in Custom Forms Mathematical Expressions Similar to Excel’s math formula options, the new field type calculates the value you’re looking for Apply them on any Forms, Equipment or within fieldsets Select any and multiple numeric value fields on the Form to use in the formula How does it work? First, get in touch with […]

WSR Logo

Posted on September 17th, 2020
Posted in Big Data | HSE | Management | Oil and Gas | Project Management | Reporting | Safety | Service Quality | Software Update

100K Form Submissions!

In September of 2020 WSR’s Form Builder Service and Custom Forms modules broke a new record with over 100k submissions! WSR began development in 2014 as a management software app with the five CORE features. Storing, managing and analyzing Incidents, Projects, Tasks, Units and Personnel.  Without question, the most powerful and customizable tools of WSR, […]

Release Notes

Posted on June 15th, 2020
Posted in Management | Project Management | Software Update

Release Notes – 2.6.7

New Features for FormBuilder Automated Tasks In the past, in order to create a General Task, our clients would have to do so within the Task & Action Items workflow and this could not be done from the Mobile Application. With this release General Tasks can now be automatically generated from any form submission; Desktop […]

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