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Posted on June 8th, 2021 - Posted in Management | Project Management | Software Update

Release Notes – 2.7.0

Latest addition: Managed Operators

Managed Operators typeahead on Projects

  • Manage your list of approved operators company-wide. Add, update or remove any time
  • Working on a project? with Manage Operators all employees select from the pre-approved list
  • Find Operators within WSR’s system and outside
  • Quickly search projects by selected operator(s)
  • Also, maintain project consistency throughout the app


New Incident subcategory for BBS

Observation SQ reporting via mobile app

  • Make incident reporting more efficient
  • Use our new observation subcategories, HSE and SQ
  • When reporting an observation, refine it by its nature, choose between HSE and SQ
  • The rest of the incident’s workflow stays as you know it

Faster Incident load time

  • Extensive incident archive? Not a problem, WSR now loads complete incident data more efficiently
  • Initial incident results default to those with an unfinished status
  • Continue to search and adjust filters easily, then export all data to Excel
  • Decreased single incident view page load times



Improved Equipment data

Equipment items view page

  • Find and view equipment items much easier than before, use our new dropdown menu
  • Reduced load times
  • Get only the equipment you are looking for by your selected choice
  • Make equipment maintenance more efficient
  • Moreover, search and export equipment faster


“My WSR hasn’t updated, what’s up with that?”

Try clearing your browser’s cache. If you still don’t see all our awesome updates, contact us.

Posted on December 2nd, 2021
Posted in HSE | Oil and Gas | Reporting | Safety

The Importance of Securing Site Assets

  Jodi Rell, who served as the 87th governor of Connecticut, said, “At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.” How very true. Yet while the goals may be simple, the means to achieve them can be complex and costly. The oil and gas industries require multiple insurances: general liability, […]

California's oil and gas

Posted on October 19th, 2021
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California Screaming

  In a previous blog, we discussed pipeline safety and the main causes of pipeline leaks. While it did cite some statistics about spill incidents affecting U.S. waterways, the article focused more on leaks occurring at overland pipelines.  Today’s focus is on offshore spills, specifically along the southern California coastline. What we know so far […]

Release Notes

Posted on October 11th, 2021
Posted in Management | Oil and Gas | Reporting | Safety | Service Quality | Software Update

Release Notes – 2.7.1

Big Change: Equipment to Files Our Equipment module has migrated to the brand new WSR Files Keep all the functionality of Equipment now in a more versatile module Files can be used for anything! Use it for inventory, equipment, personnel and more Keep everything organized and updated with our field associations   Observation reports now […]

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