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Posted on October 7th, 2020 - Posted in Management | Project Management | Software Update

Release Notes – 2.6.8

Newest in Custom Forms

Mathematical Expressions

Mathematical Expressions Fields Demo Clip

  • Similar to Excel’s math formula options, the new field type calculates the value you’re looking for
  • Apply them on any Forms, Equipment or within fieldsets
  • Select any and multiple numeric value fields on the Form to use in the formula
How does it work?
  • First, get in touch with your Account Administrator
  • Second, tell us what formula you need based on your fields
  • Third, we set it up for you so you don’t have to think about it
  • And that’s it! Simply fill out the Form and watch it do the math

In other words, you can choose between addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Mathematical Expressions will do the math for you. Moreover, it will handle the significant figures you choose, such as discounts and tax rates.

As an example, this Itemized Equipment Bill Invoice Form has a dynamic fieldset for each order

  • First, select the equipment to order
  • Second, add the cost and optional warranties
  • Now, choose the quantity and adjust for any discounts
  • Watch as the bill total is adjusted accordingly in real-time

Mathematical Expression Fields Demo Clip

For more information and to begin implementing Mathematical Expressions, contact your Account Administrator!


New Subscription Tiers

We made WSR’s subscription process easier for you! Upgrade or downgrade your subscription quickly. You now have the option to select the components of WSR that matter to you most.

WSR Standard Tier

Access to CORE components. This is the useful, trimmed-down version. New to WSR? Try it by starting with a Standard subscription, and get familiar and comfortable with the app. 

Mobile Incident Submission

Incident Management
  • Rapid and agile incident tracker 
  • Personnel in the field can submit and report an Incident via the Android/iOS application
  • Search and export incidents based on your criteria, such a date range, the incident location or the category
Personnel, Base and Unit Management
  • Managers can add, disable or remove personnel when necessary 
  • Keep your team organized by assigning roles, job titles, supervisors and contact information
  • Make your list of Bases and assign Personnel to the base(s) they belong in
  • Keep a clear list of personnel with their status, base location and current job, among others
  • Manage units (generic equipment) and locate them by Base
Intuitive Dashboards

Standard Dashboard sample

  • Easy to read dashboards that notify the users of new incidents, their trends and severity

WSR Pro Tier

Unlock all CORE features; Incident Management and Reporting, Tasks and Action Items, and Project Management

Incident Management and Reporting
  • Quickly generate Reports based on the Incident’s status
  • Upload and save any needed attachments 
  • Search and export Reports and Incidents to analyze the data
  • Track the Incident’s investigation results, failure classifications as well as root and immediate causes


Create Tasks and Action Items
  • Set the requirements and due date for each Task and Action Item
  • Assign single or multiple personnel to receive email reminders 
  • Search and export Tasks and Action Items to track your personnel’s productivity
  • Easily spot overdue Tasks and Action Items 


Project Management
  • Create and schedule Projects, add Jobs as needed
  • Track all activity and updates
  • Visualize all Project data including related Incidents, completed stages, delays, updates and financial changes 
  • Search, filter and export anytime

Project Management and Updates sample


WSR Enterprise Tier

Unlock customized data management. Gain access to the entire functionality suite within WSR, including Form Builder Service, Equipment Module, Custom Analytics and SMS Communications. 

  • Additional service fees may apply*

Mobile Custom Form

WSR’s most popular feature, Form Builder Service
  • Fully customized Forms with a selection of Field Types that make capturing data easy
  • Digitalize and organize paper Forms to make them accessible on-the-go
  • Capture digital signatures, GPS location, date and time, ratings, file and image attachments, custom select lists and more
  • Create links between Forms, Equipment and Projects as needed
  • Generate and assign Tasks automatically as you fill out a Form
  • Get customized, desired email alerts
  • Complete forms offline and save drafts within our mobile app 
  • Search submissions based in the field value, field type, date selection, and more
  • Export completed forms to PDF or all submissions to a spreadsheet
Access Equipment Module
  • Leveraging the power of the Custom Forms, create custom Equipment Types and Items
  • Manage all Equipment, from cables and tools, to trucks and cranes, the options are endless
  • Fire email alerts once a desired threshold criteria is met
  • e.g., Update mileage on a vehicle from an inspection form submission automatically
Customized Analytics*

Custom Dashboard Analytics screen sample

  • We offer dashboards to display trends, highlight areas that need attention, and help you see the bigger picture
  • Include and use any of your data on the app to visualize and analyze
  • Each dashboard is created specifically for each manager, as chosen
  • Filters, graphs, and maps available with an interactive interface 
SMS Communications*
  • Fast and easy alerts in the field, on the road, anywhere with a device!
  • Send SMS messages to your selected personnel any time directly from the website
  • Export delivery reports instantly to verify message delivery for each recipient
Custom Reports*
  • Enhance your experience and send scheduled reports via email to target employees
  • Set the report’s schedule, daily, weekly, monthly, or custom dates
  • Work directly with the WSR team to structure exactly the data you want and how it is presented to you, for instance, with tables or graphs

Stay tuned for more updates on our new tier-based subscription options. Save money and get the WSR that is right for you!


More Improvements for the App
  • Multiple bug fixes
  • Performance improvements for Recurring Email Alerts on Forms


“My WSR hasn’t updated, what’s up with that?”

Try clearing your browser’s cache. If you still don’t see all our awesome updates, contact us.

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