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Posted on September 17th, 2020 - Posted in Big Data | HSE | Management | Oil and Gas | Project Management | Reporting | Safety | Service Quality | Software Update

100K Form Submissions!

In September of 2020 WSR’s Form Builder Service and Custom Forms modules broke a new record with over 100k submissions!

Total Form Submissions by Month

WSR began development in 2014 as a management software app with the five CORE features. Storing, managing and analyzing Incidents, Projects, Tasks, Units and Personnel. 

Without question, the most powerful and customizable tools of WSR, our Form Builder Service and Custom Forms modules have seen remarkable success since they were first introduced in late 2017. These modules are under near constant development and improvement, all while maintaining their reliability and flexibility. Some features that have helped Form Builder Service and Custom Forms evolve into the tools they are today include;

  • Dynamic list fields
  • File and image storage
  • GPS and signature capture
  • PDF and Excel exports
  • Conditional field value and recurring email notifications
  • Linked Equipment Items through Field Associations on forms

More recent additions include;

  • Automated Tasks generated from Custom Form submissions
  • Slider field type
  • Dynamic Repeating Fields
  • Fieldsets

Automated Tasks added the ability to create a General Task directly from a Custom Form submission. Dynamic Fields and Fieldsets gave our customers the option to add or remove fields as needed or place them into clearly defined groups.

Fieldsets and Automated Tasks

With every release, Custom Forms and our Form Builder Service continue to grow, granting more flexibility and functionality to WSR’s customers. Where will we it take it next?


For more information or to begin setting up your Custom Forms, contact your Account Administrator!

Easy to use field reporting

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Reduce the Risk of Serious Incidents

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