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Posted on March 17th, 2020 - Posted in Management | Project Management | Software Update

Release Notes – 2.6.6

New in Custom Forms

Dynamic Fields and Fieldsets

Dynamic Fields and Fieldsets Demo Clip

  • Forms and equipment can implement our new dynamic “repeating” feature. This allows you to add or remove selected fields as many times as needed
  • All forms can incorporate customizable fieldsets built specific to your needs
  • So, why use Fieldsets?
    • Group and section-off any fields to organize your forms and make them more readable
    • Make them dynamic with the option to add or remove individual fields and entire sets
  • To find out more or request these features, contact your Account Administrator!
Discard your outdated forms

Discarding and Restoring Forms Demo Clip

  • With one click of a button, Pro users can send their form submissions and equipment to the “recycling bin” at any time
  • Clean the records and keep your forms relevant by discarding submissions that aren’t necessary
  • And swiftly retrieve any “recycled” items and restore them
    • Keep in mind that this won’t permanently erase your data

Equipment Discard Feature Demo

  • In short, easily control which forms are to be displayed and which are to be discarded then switch back and forth as needed
Export Forms and Equipment data

Excel Exports for Forms Demo

  • Using our new dynamic fields? A second option for Excel exports will show up automatically allowing you to export data in two formats:
    • Horizontally, with field values listed on new columns
    • Or vertically, with field values listed on new rows
New alternative to display checkbox and radio fields

Checkbox and Radio Fields display sample

  • At times, these fields contain a long list of options or simply the layout of the form could benefit from a different display. In order to address this, we added the alternative to display the options vertically, one item per line.
  • Pro users make this choice, just contact your Account Administrator to adjust forms as needed
Even more improvements for Forms and Equipment

Checkbox and Radio Fields PDF display sample

  • Forms and Equipment PDF exports now list all checkbox and radio fields as displayed on our web app, thus offering a better visual
  • Search and filter forms, navigate away or into a submission, now navigate back to the search results and find all your filters persisted
  • Form submissions associated to a Project can be optionally shared as well, when that Project is shared
    • In other words, it allows Operators to view form submissions related to their Contractor Projects and vice versa

Other new features and improvements

  • Search Incidents, Tasks or Projects filtering by Operator, be it external Operators, Operators registered with us, or in case of neither, by missing operator!
  • Send mass SMS messages across your company to all personnel under a specified default base.
    • Save time by selecting multiple recipients at once
    • Tick one box to include all personnel from a selected base and set it to “default” only
    • Consequently, prevent users assigned to multiple bases from receiving duplicate text messages
  • Multiple bug fixes


“My WSR hasn’t updated, what’s up with that?”

Try clearing your browser’s cache. If you still don’t see all our awesome updates, contact us.

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