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Reporting. Made Easy

Quickly created detailed reports on safety incidents, service quality failures, and behavioral-based safety observations – report from the field or office using our mobile app and website.

Safety Prioritized

We can help establish or improve your safety processes with our real-time incident reporting and case management workflow. Establish preventative safety measures with behavioral-based safety observations – reduce risk by identifying and correcting unsafe conditions before they become serious issues.

Real-time communication

Our real-time notification system immediately alerts relevant parties via email that an incident has happened, keeping everyone on the same page, at all times.

Focused on what
matters most

Capture important data directly from the source anytime, anywhere.

Case Management

Case Management Workflow

Utilize our case management workflow to assess and investigate incidents, manage and communicate relevant information, and take corrective actions.

Professional Reporting

Easily create professional, standardized reports during and after the investigation process – share reports with relevant parties and store reports for later reference.

Job Management

Real-Time Job Updates

Manage your jobs more effectively with real-time updates of work completed, unforeseeable issues, and unanticipated delays.

For Operators & Contractors

Designed with both Operators and Contractors in mind, we provide comprehensive reporting and communication services for all companies involved throughout the lifecycle of the well, keeping all parties working smoothly together.

What about all that Data?

Current Data. Historical Data. Trends

Track and manage your information more effectively.

All incident and job information is housed in our cloud-based software, allowing you to access your key data anytime and anywhere – use your data to drive better decision-making.