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Corrective Actions

Utilize our incident management workflow to assess and investigate incidents, manage and communicate relevant information, and take corrective actions.

  • Tasks/Action Items
    • Assign tasks to internal employees with due dates to ensure that follow up measures were completed
    • Receive overdue notifications to help keep employees accountable
    • Following up on recorded incidents helps minimize future exposure
    • Easily view all tasks and action items in Wellsite Report
    • Easily filter tasks to export data
    • Mark task/action items complete from the app

Job Management

Manage your jobs more effectively with real-time updates of work completed, unforeseeable issues, and unanticipated delays.

  • Project Updates
    • Stay current on project updates and the status of jobs within the updates section of projects
    • Drill down on updates by job and by project to see when work was completed, as well as see if any issues or standby happened
    • Create and submit updates in seconds
    • Submit general updates that accommodate any scope of work
    • Submit stage-based updates if work is stage-driven
    • Cloud software allows you to have full electronic archive of all project updates

Professional Reporting

Easily create professional, standardized reports during and after the investigation process – share reports with relevant parties and store reports for later reference.

  • Preliminary and Final Reports
    • Create preliminary or final reports on the incident, depending on the status of the incident
    • Contractors can choose whether to show the reports with the hiring operator as they’re created
    • Use a standardized reporting format to take the guess work out of how to structure and deliver reports internally and externally
    • Use external reports created in your favorite word processor and save in our incident management workflow
  • Best Practices and Key Report
    • Create best practice reports on incidents quickly and easily by leveraging the information already entered in throughout the incident management workflow
    • Mark reports as key reports to disseminate to internal employees (reports created internal or external)