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Form Builder Service

We re-create your existing forms in Wellsite Report. Fill out forms on both mobile and desktop, making paper a thing of the past on the job site.
  • Custom Forms, Anytime, Anywhere
    • Many field types available – signature, file upload, GPS location, and more
    • View completed forms on the desktop for easy reference
    • Export completed forms on demand for editing, archiving, or analyzing
    • Create PDFs of any completed form
    • Great for inspections, audits, checklists, etc.
  • Let Wellsite Report Do the Heavy Lifting
    • No additional training on how to create the forms you need. You have enough on your plate: let us do the heavy lifting for you.
    • Adding or changing fields on forms is easy and seamless. All users will have the latest form at the click of a button.

Custom Reports

Build unique analytical tools that best suit your business and give you the best competitive advantage possible.
  • Custom Reports
    • Developed reports can be generated in PDF, sent in email or both
    • Use data from our core forms or custom forms created in Form Builder
  • Custom Dashboard
    • Developed dashboards can be created to produce your very own Wellsite Report experience
    • Use data from our core forms or custom forms created in Form Builder

Equipment Module

Create custom equipment types to manage and maintain the most unique of items. We make preventive maintenance easy.
  • Manage Unique Equipment Types
    • Create custom fields that capture unique features
    • Develop parent-child relationships for better tracking
  • Custom Field Associations
    • Associated fields will allow for automatic updates of equipment information
  • Custom Email Notifications
    • Email triggers can be created based on a custom field condition
    • Notifications can include another company (maybe a vendor or client) – if they are customers of course