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Mobile app allows fast, easy reporting to be submitted directly from the field

Reporting. Made Easy

The ability to capture and report incident data are critical parts of the business process. Whether it is a Service Quality (SQ), Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), or Behavioral Based Safety (BBS) related incident, it is important to get incident information to management. If the management team is unaware of events happening on the job, corrections cannot be made. To get the most information possible, incident reporting needs to be easy and consistent. Until recently, most companies were using a printed form or a digital version built in a spreadsheet or word processor. Unfortunately, these forms require more work to log and suffer from the lack of intuitive workflows. With the development of cloud-based software and mobile devices, companies are turning to Wellsite Report for better solutions.

  • Intuitive workflow makes capturing information from the field simple
  • Quickly create reports using information already input into the system
  • Export reports for analysis and discover trends
  • Cloud software allows you to have full electronic archive of all reports

Quality and Safety Prioritized

We can help establish or improve your quality and safety programs with our real-time incident reporting and incident management workflow.

  • Health & Safety Reporting (HSE)
    • Report detailed HSE incidents: injury, equipment, environmental, and compliance incident reporting
    • Listed fields increase data capture – part of body injured, OSHA injury severity, number of gallons spilled, observation category, etc.
  • Service Quality (SQ) Reporting
    • Report on a service quality incident specific to the services provided
    • Service types are customized for each customer, allowing for incident category selections to be specific to your reporting needs
  • Preventative Safety – Safety Observations
    • Focus people’s attentions and actions on safer behavior at the wellsite with Behavioral Based Safety (BBS) observations
    • Create a culture of safety by giving field personnel the ability to report on safe and unsafe conditions before escalating in severity
    • Reduce future incidents by implementing a BBS program that identifies and mitigates high-risk areas of failure
    • Provide employee-specific feedback and report on corrective actions taken
  • Utilize trending BBS data to identify potentially hazardous situations that could cause issues later
Report safety incidents, Service Quality issues, BBS Observations from your phone. Dig into the details with just a few clicks.
Real-time notifications are sent to your email, keeping you aware of everything happening without a single phone call or text.

Real-time Communication

Our real-time notification system immediately alerts relevant parties via email that an incident has happened, keeping everyone on the same page, at all times.

  • Real-Time Alerts
    • Summary of the event, including the location, incident type and person submitting
    • Picture attached to the summary if included in the incident
  • Notification
    • E-mails can be filtered by incident type, severity, and base so you only get the notifications you want


For more information or to get started with Wellsite Report, contact us!